Trends of the past, we still see everyday.

Fashion has been around for years…

I mean honestly as long as people have been wearing clothes, we’ve been calling it fashion and I may speak for myself when I say I’m bloody thankful for fashion. Without it we would still be walking around in fig leaves?

We all have our favourite trends… and trends we despise.

I have gone back to the 1930’s and picked out my favourites which are still being incorporated into today’s fashion.

1930’s ‘The Little Black Dress’

Need I actually say more? It is what it is and we love it. Thank you Coco Chanel!

Who doesn’t have a LTB hanging in their closet somewhere?


1940’s Sleek pants

Katherine Hepburn proved it was possible to look glamorous and be comfortable at the same time.
Would you, as a woman, still rather be wearing layers and layers of big heavy Victorian dresses over constricting corsets?
No thank you.


1950’s ‘Pencil Skirts’

A classic and elegant look, which feminizes the ‘pants suit’.


1960’s: Mini skirts

British designer Mary Quant was the brain behind this ‘Fashion No Brainer’.

1970’s: The Flirty Dress

From the Shift dress of the 60’s we got the ‘Flirty dress’ in the 70’s. However it is now called the ‘Skater Dress’…


1980’s trend: ‘Sexy’ Jeans

When Brooke Shields declared, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvin’s”, jeans became acceptable to wear out of the house vs in the house.
Wait, what? Who chooses to wear jeans as their comfy-around-the-house-pants!?

1990’s: Minimalism

We all loved the 60’s and 70’s, Right?
But we also have to be a little thankful for a subtle look at some point.
Although to be honest, I do still dust off my neon nail polishes and my neon tank top, when the mood strikes.



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