Trends for Autumn 2017.

Whether it is the need to keep up to date or to see how much we hate or love the new upcoming trends, we all would like to know what’s happening, right?

2017 Fashion trends fresh off the runway:

Gender Ambiguity: Pantsuits & Pinstripe Suits, Military Style, Capes, Over-sized Sweaters, Biker Jackets and Sporty.

1980’s Glamour: Quilts on  Puffer Jackets, Fringes, Big Shoulders, Frills & Ruffles and Pleating.

Textures: Velvet, Suede, Leather, Patent Leather or Vinyl, Denim, Mesh, Embroidery, Lace, Studs, Sequins, Metallic Shine and Fur Accents.

Styles: Midi Hems, Cropped Pants & Culottes, Pussy-Bow Tops & Dresses, Long Coats, Plunging Necklines, Asymmetrical Shoulders, Off the Shoulders, Slits, High Waists & Ankle Crops, Cut-Outs, Wraparounds, Statements, Large Collars and Extra-Long Sleeves.

From the Runway:


 Enjoy 😉









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