I bet you didn’t.

While paging through the black hole of the internet, I stumbled across some rather interesting and strange facts regarding fashion.

I thought I would share.

“There was a bra that doubles as a gas mask.”

Because when the shit hits the fan your first thought is, ‘Oh let me just take off my bra quickly.’ Sure! Hopefully we wont be needing these bras in the future.


“It was Mark Twain who actually invented and patented the bra-strap clasp.”

Wait. What? How does a writer end up inventing something like a bra clasp? Was it a side hobby?

“The inventor of the modern bikini, Louis Réard, named his creation after the Bikini Atoll — where the U.S. did tons of its nuclear testing — because he hoped it would make as big of a bang as the atomic bomb. Réard declared it wasn’t a real bikini unless the fabric from it could be ‘pulled through a wedding ring.'”

Also lets charge customers the price of the wedding ring. The less fabric used the more it shall cost… True Story

“After its modern debut, the bikini was banned in Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Australia, and it was declared a sin by the Vatican.”

“A woman was actually arrested in Boston in 1907 for wearing a formfitting one-piece on the beach.”

Wow, what would be said about the clothing these days.

“Bathing suits were so scandalous that the Quakers created a bathing machine with a ‘modesty tunnel’ that allowed women to enter the sea or ocean and retain their modesty.”

Bring back the modesty tunnels! Especially for Miley…


“Designer Rudi Gernreich took the bikini to the next level in the 1960’s with the monokini, which was a one-piece swimsuit with a completely exposed top”

Oh.. Guess we are more modest then…


“Princess Leia’s bikini in Star Wars — probably the most famous bikini in the world — was actually two. She had a real metal one she wore for much of filming, and then a rubber one she wore during action scenes. There’s a whole website devoted to her bikini.”

Why would you want a bikini made from metal? War Bikini! Haha.


“Barbie’s first outfit? A black-and-white striped one-piece swimsuit.”


“You can thank former New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia for popularizing the modern-day thong. He introduced it in 1939 to make NYC’s nude dancers cover up a little bit.”

Haha, yes that’s exactly why he popularized it… Nothing to do with his wife disapproving his local hang out.

“During the 1860s, dresses were so wide that women were often stuck in doorways.”

LOL! Ladies restrooms are already a nightmare, imagine the havoc if we got stuck in the doorways too.  Holy shit! Guess this is where you wish you had that gas mask bra…


“South Korea used to have actual fashion police who would go around measuring the miniskirt length of women. If skirts were deemed too short, they could be fined or arrested.”

Yeah, we had this at my school too. Not that it stopped some of the ladies… #JustSaying.


“A man designed GPS-programmable shoes that are activated by — you guessed it — clicking your heels together three times.”

Whaaaaaaat!? That is AWESOME. Hope they made them in glittery red too! Where can I order a pair??


“Michael Jordan’s dad, James Jordan, was murdered by a guy wearing a Michael Jordan T-shirt.”

What an arsehole! That’s super sad. 😦

“After a student was suspended for wearing one of their tees, the band Korn gave away hundreds of their shirts to a Michigan high school. Police actually helped hand out the tees.”

Awesome! Wish I was at that school. I love Korn. “We don’t need no education” Ah explains more about Korn doing a cover of Another Brick in the Wall.


“Men didn’t wear underwear until the 17th century. Women didn’t bother wearing underwear until around 1800.”

The dirty slags.. Haha. Suppose that no one had really thought too much about underwear specifically, yet. Glad its an important part of my wardrobe now.


“Jeans were named after Genoan sailors from Genoa, Italy, who popularized wearing the material.”

So they are actually genes then..?

“The word ‘denim’ most likely came from a French material called serge de Nimes, which is from the French seaside town of Nimes.”

“The first pair of Levi’s was sold around 1853 for $6 worth of gold dust.”

“The brand got its distinctive 501 label from the storage lot number it was assigned in 1890. It just stuck.”

“Levi’s once made the singer Bing Crosby an all-denim tuxedo after he was turned away from a hotel for wearing jeans.”


To be continued…


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