Up for a challenge?

In our own ways, we all try to save some where... Going green, saving water, recycling or saving money. Going back to my post of 'fast' fashion and Fashion Revolution - 'At What Cost?' I have stumbled upon some 'Challenges' that I will be doing over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space ;)… Continue reading Up for a challenge?


The ‘thigh gap’ of the Fashion Industry

"Obesity means having too much body fat. It is different from being overweight, which means weighing too much. The weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water. Both terms mean that a person's weight is greater than what's considered healthy for his or her height." Right... the above quote refers to Body Mass… Continue reading The ‘thigh gap’ of the Fashion Industry


It’s not just me, right?

I hate shopping centres. People have no respect for your personal space. Morons just stop in the middle of a walk way. Getting trolleys rammed into the back of your ankles. Strangers breathing down the back of your neck. Weirdos standing right up against you. Aaarghhhh! So much to look forward to. Unfortunately, every now and then… Continue reading It’s not just me, right?


I bet you didn’t.

While paging through the black hole of the internet, I stumbled across some rather interesting and strange facts regarding fashion. I thought I would share. "There was a bra that doubles as a gas mask." Because when the shit hits the fan your first thought is, 'Oh let me just take off my bra quickly.' Sure!… Continue reading I bet you didn’t.


At what cost?

In the Fashion Industry there is a term known as 'Fast Fashion'. It is used by fashion retailers for describing the process of designs moving from the runway to the supply chain of retail stores selling "current" clothing styles at lower costs. Which is exciting for us wanting to have the newest fashion garments in… Continue reading At what cost?


Trends for Autumn 2017.

Whether it is the need to keep up to date or to see how much we hate or love the new upcoming trends, we all would like to know what's happening, right? 2017 Fashion trends fresh off the runway: Gender Ambiguity: Pantsuits & Pinstripe Suits, Military Style, Capes, Over-sized Sweaters, Biker Jackets and Sporty. 1980's Glamour:… Continue reading Trends for Autumn 2017.